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» 05 Sep 2016

We all want to relive our childhood dreams..spending the night under a star lit sky is one of them. However, we are still deterred by the discomfort associated with that experience (insects, heat, humdity, rain etc..) However with the Bubble Lodge, these dreams have become a reality as the transparent structures will allow you to look at the stars while enjoying the comfort of a 5 star hotel room. These environment-friendly bubbles have sustained tourism with renewable sources of energy and limited damage done to the environment. The design of these lodges with their almost virtual touch is such that you will feel protected and unseen despite the transparency. This is all thanks to the layout of the bubble structures. The atmospheric pressure inside the bubble is slightly higher than the atmospheric pressure outdoors in order to maintain the sphere but hardly nobody ever notices this slight change. Whispering is enough to make yourself heard once inside the structure. You can share many secrets and the feeling of being cut off from the world is almost palpable. The lodges are placed in extraordinary areas where you can rediscover nature – a tea field, a waterfall, a view point on top of a mountain, a hunting domain, the park of a colonial house etc.. The bubble structures are strategically positioned in order to show tourists and visitors a glimpse into Mauritian norms, values and history – a way to explore the roots of our country. During the day you can go fishing, play golf or explore the domain. At night, a cook and a waiter will provide exclusive service to the Bubble Lodge residents. Afterwards you can rejoin your rooms for star gazing. An app which you can download to find out about different constellations is strongly recommended so you can find out whether Venus and Jupiter are present or whether Orion’s belt is still hanging! In the morning, guests can wake up to the sounds of birds flapping their wings and chirping or even the deer moving about. The real concept of escapism awaits you. The lodge will provide you with the freedom to be one with nature, one with yourself and your thoughts ; away from any commercial stays, away from the hustle and bustle of working lives. For more information please visit our web page on

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