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» 31 Jan 2017

I opened Mauritius fishing and hunting safaris in 2001 after working 3 years at Les Pavilions Hotel on the south-west coast and Beau Rivage hotel on the east coast.
Hotel life was new to me as my background was production foreman. I used to work for a South African company called SASOL 3 in Secunda in a Transvaal region now called Mpumalanga. I also used to work in a gasification plant which transforms coal to gas and gas to Petrol and Diesel at the time of the Embargo against South Africa.
I arrived back in the country at the age of 40 with 3 kids Tamrin , Robyn, and Kyle. My hotel days as assistant manager were long hours and little sleep and my family suffered my absence.
All those working in the hospitality industry will agree that they make a lot of sacrifices to keep the high spirits. My parents and family helped me in their upbringing to which I must say a great thank you to my Mom and Dad.
Every afternoon during my break between 4pm and 6 pm I went fishing with some of our hotel guests to vent up gathered excitement of fishing and hunting.
My Guests were pushing me to start working as a tourist guide so that they would call on me on their next holidays.
One day, fed up with bureaucracy the time came to make a new move to do what I really liked to do. So here I am after 16 years still fishing and hunting for a living.
I specialise in flyfishing,  spinning ,jigging and popping.
Different types of activities linked to fishing that many have not heard.
It entails knowing your reef surf line,  your species of fish and their eating patterns.
Being a surfer has helped me to brave the reefs and respect the environment I work in. I do not allow my guests to kill any fish as I practise the no kill method, just photo and release the fish properly.
It was in the beginning very hard to get a permit from the tourism authority as my activity did not feature on their list of permits that could be issued.
They had never heard of the catch and release type of fishing so I was not considered a fisherman at all.
I had to buy a boat permit from someone else to be able to operate , and this was very frustrating believe me.
Anyway the future looked brighter with my new boat and created a web site that got me going to where I am today.
I am a tourist orientated business thus I need that the tourist which comes to fish here are satisfied with what I propose during their holidays.
I have made friends from all over the world and it is great to meet new faces and discuss new world trends in conservation fishing.
Mauritian waters have sadly been depleted of the bonefish , the permit fish and many other species which would have brought much more tourists to come and fish here.
One day before I die I hope that I  will see a responsible coastguard and fisheries department that will know how to protect our lagoons and our reefs.
Let’s educate the next generation before it is too late.
Sincerely yours,
Mauritius fishing and hunting safaris
www. mauritiusfishingand

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