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» 31 Oct 2016

Can you tell us something about the development of your company?
The FlynDive is provided by Mirella Zephir Ltd Company. This kind of water sports is so exciting that we started this Company in February 2014 with the goal to bring this innovative, exciting water sports to Mauritius. The application process took us 2 long years. But now we are here to provide you unforgettable experience!

When did you open doors?
We welcome since the 15th of October everyone who wants to experience the incredible “FLY like Iron Man n DIVE like a Dolphin”-Feeling!

Why did you choose Mauritius?
Around the globe this activity continues to attract more and more people. So I didnt think twice before introducing this breath taking water sports to my country for locals and for tourists. I think that in the water sports sector it was necessary to bring an innovation and to improve diversity in the tourism sector which is one of the main pillars of our economy.
As the Government adopted New strategy referred as the “Opening of the Sky” to increase the attractiveness of Mauritius, we took them by their word and proverbially we open the sky for you!!!

What is FlynDive?
FlynDive is a personal water sports device, a type of jetpack or hover-device, and looks similar to a wakeboard or snowboard. It is attached to a waterpump which gives the board propulsion through air and water. A FlynDive rider stands on a board connected by a long hose to the water-pump. Water is forced under pressure to a pair of boots with jet nozzles underneath which provide thrust for the rider to fly up to 10 metres in the air or to dive headlong through the water.
Learning to operate the FlynDive is much easier and intuitive than one might think. FlynDive is very intuitive: its like learning to ride a bicycle. Anyone can do FlynDive easy and softly in a few minutes.
Once the rider has applied the instructions given to him before, it will generally take 2-10 minutes, on average 5 min with an instructor to find balance and start flying freely.
Enjoy swimming gently around with the self-floating equipment. Then standing upright on the board in the water and to straighten and lock his knees is all the rider needs to do as the instructor allows gentle propulsion for him to fly straight up. The take-off of the scholar is performed smoothly by the water-pump operator and as soon as the scholar is in the air, he can relax and enjoy the flight. The flight can be entirely realized at low speed and height, very close to the water surface or soaring to the sky, just as you want.
FlynDive is accessible with excitement by people of around 14 years up to 80 years. One thing is for sure, people will love it and everyone agrees: its highly addictive.

What is your current vision with this exciting activity?
This new activity is already having World Championships in Dubai and Qatar.The Company would like to enable talented locals to represent Mauritius at the Championships and may be Olympic Games when it becomes an Olympic discipline. If possible the Company would like also to attract and organize together with other institutions and sponsors to get a World Championship also in Mauritius, to demonstrate the beauty and progressiveness of Mauritius to the world.

How would you describe your establishment?
Customer comes first! We try to do everything to let you bubble over enjoying this exciting experience. Our familiar and friendly Team speaking several languages will take care of your security and your wellbeing. For example we will try to pick you up by boat directly from your hotel beach if you reside in Grand Baie.
Also we take security seriously. The security measures undertaken by the Company are of high quality and our priority. FlynDive is a fun fair ride activity, where an educated, certified, trained and responsible staff member has control and takes care of your activity as our highly valued guest. Being Pilot or spectator, it’s a breath-taking spectacle. Flyn’Dive is an exciting recreational water sports. You Fly like Iron Man and Dive like a Dolphin. A feeling that you will never forget.

Grand Baie Beach
reception point
(Royal Road)
from 9h30 to 17h30.
+230 5257 2244
by phone, SMS, iMsg, WhatsApp, Skype or Viber
Please feel free and appreciated to call us without roaming-expenses via your voice-functionality of your messenger app.

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