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» 27 Sep 2012

The district is home to the Cha-teau du Reduit, the official residence of Mauritius’s for-mer governors. It is today referred to as "State House." Architecture dating back to the colonial rule pervades the place giving it a dignified character as it reminds us of the traces of colonial rule which are unfortunately becom-ing rarer nowadays in the country.

The administrative organisation of the District of Moka dates back to 1762. At the beginning of the 19th century, Governor Decaen subdivided Moka into four townships: Les Pailles, Moka, Terre Rouge and Quartier Militaire. Today twelve villages surrounding Moka are: Montagne Ory, Gentilly, Martindale, Telfair, Bocage, Reduit, Minissy, Camp Samy, Eureka, Bagatelle, Soreze, Helvetia. It is said that most of these villages owe their names to the sugar estates or distin-guished people who held important positions in the region.

Most of these villages have been developed due to the beauty of Moka and its prime location. Bagatelle for example, is home to the mall of Bagatelle which is the biggest one on the island. With an architecture rem-iniscent of the colonial rule and with a majestic traditional sugar mill incor-porated in its design, the mall of Bagatelle is worth visiting. Helvetia has also been developed with new sets of apartments known as les Allées d’Helvetia. The place is also famous for its gym known to be one of the best on the island.

Although Moka is rarely referred to as a tourist attraction, it is defi-nitely worth visiting for less conven-tional touristic activities. Those in love with the history of Mauritius, will find their heart’s content in this area.

Moka holds much more but we deem that it’s best to have you visit the place and explore the many as-pects of this gorgeous history-filled district. Enjoy the exploration!



As a major quarter for reli-gious activities, those who like visiting temples and cultural centres will delight in its big Hindu temple and Islamic cultural centre. Many other old temples are still present in Providence.

Royal Plaza:

Also known as the town cen-tre, the Royal Plaza is a highly frequented area with religious places, shopping areas, small shops, bus station, a police station and several service fa-cilities for the inhabitants of the area. Those of you who love photographing people in their everyday bustling acti-vities will rejoice!


Valetta usually attracts tou-rists due to its small lake which is surrounded by a
splendid view.

Le Réduit, or the Refuge:

One of the most popular attractions in Moka is Le Réduit. With the old governor’s mansion located in the vicinity amidst a 200-acre of garden with a waterfall, this
property is one of the most impressive of the country.  Unfortunately, it can only be
visited on selected dates.

Folk Museum of Indian Immigration:

The Folk Museum of Indian Immigration was set up and inaugurated on 11th March 1991. Those of you who would like to find more about the history of Indian settlement will have access to a perma-nent exhibition of archival do-cuments, photographs, lithographs, dioramas and arte-facts. The Folk Museum also provides guided tours for
the educational institutions and the public at large on demand.

Creole-style house:

Euréka estate holds one of the best-preserved residences from the French colonial pe-riod, which is also reputed for being one of the largest houses on the island. Vested
with the majestic colonial look, the house is constructed in wood and is surrounded by
a large verandah. The garden is home to mango trees and palm trees, a waterfall and
an English-styled garden. People looking for peace and calm will be happy with this visit along with the nature lovers who will take a walk down memory lane as well.
Collectors will relish the private collections and the furniture inside the house
which serves as museum.

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