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» 01 Feb 2011

Every month, we go out in search of natural attractions and highlights to bring to our readers so that they may enjoy some of the most beautiful parts of the island.This month we chose to explore the south trail so we drove all the way down through a coastal road in Souillac up to Le Morne. The untainted beauty of the area unfolded itself before us and the following stops were a must. Read up to find out more! Bonne Route!

La Nef Museum

An off-white building overlooking the sea greeted us on the way to La Roche qui Pleure (see map). We wandered into the vicinity intrigued by this building made of corals. Nostalgia overcame us as we discovered that La Nef museum was once the house of Mauritius’s most famous writer – Robert Edward
Hart. The poet was awarded the French Legion d’Honneur and the British OBE for his works. Some of  which are known worldwide and have been translated in different languages. You can visit the museum for
free but cameras are not allowed inside. The house remains undisturbed and one’s imagination can easily go down memory lane in this very touching setting overlooking Souillac beach.

La Roche qui pleure
La Roche qui pleure or ‘The Weeping Rock’ is found on the same road as La Nef museum. Make your way down to the cliff overlooking the ocean but be careful as you venture down a slightly steep alley to the rocks. Soles with grip are highly recommended. The little trek is worthwhile though. Towards the end of the cliff is a weird rock formation made of huge boulders of basaltic origin. This rock is called La Roche qui pleure because as the battering waves crash into the rock, they leave a weeping illusion as they recede.
The drops of sea water trickle down the rock as tears. Many have claimed to see the features of Robert
Edward Hart in the rock, although I must admit I could  not.

Rochester Falls
Rochester Falls is hard to find as there is a wrong sign post misleading people. It is strongly recommended to ask locals which way to take. The people we asked were extremely friendly and within 10 minutes we were going down a dirt road surrounded by sugar cane fields, towards the Rochester Falls. A very enchanting setting surrounded by banana plantations and sugar cane hides the Rochester Falls which are approximately 10 m high. A lot of adventurous people go on top of the waterfalls and jump into the water below! As a very refreshing drink is a must especially if you visit the south in summer, we headed to the fresh exotic fruit stall at the entrance for some cool coconut water along with exotic fruits. Peace and serenity is what you can expect from your visit there.

Le Morne
From a distance, le Morne mountain looks like the silhouette of a woman lying into the sea with her hair in the water. As you drive closer, it looks imposing and extremely majestic. It has been named a World Heritage site by the UNESCO. On February 1835, when slavery was abolished, many slaves jumped off Le Morne and died misunderstanding an expedition which was tracking them to proclaim their freedom. A visit to Le Morne is highly recommended to pay tribute to those who have lost their lives but also because of the exceptional beauty of the area, with Flamboyant trees loaded with flaming red flowers welcoming you right before the silvery waters.

At first I thought that Rivière des Galets was a river but it is not! I was nicely surprised..
It is a beach with nothing else but Galets. No sand at all but amazingly flat and smooth rocks! Yes, it is very surprising and I strongly recommend our readers to visit Rivière des Galets this special beach!

Gris Gris
Not far from La Roche qui Pleure, Gris Gris is a beach which witnesses crashing waves.

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