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» 29 Mar 2012

Over the past couple of years, Mauritius has grown to become a popular destination forwindsurfers, kitesurfers and surfers from all over the world, because of the turquoise lagoons, shallow water, white beaches and plenty of space for everyone to enjoy the waves. The temperature of both sea and air are pleasant all year round, with an average temperature between 23°C and 28°C. The most popular surf spots in Mauritius are located on the South and South West side of the island, but you will find a suitable place to surf in other regions as well.


Located in the South West, Le Morne is famous for its beautiful beach, world class waves and shallow waters. This has not gone unnoticed to surf brands worldwide and it is therefore that Le Morne is often selected as the place to shoot their promotional videos. Inside the lagoon, there is plenty of space to blast away and practice your surfing skills. But beyond the lagoon, there are numerous wave spots such as ‘One Eye’ and ‘Manawa’, which are only suitable for experienced surfers. There are a great number of surfing schools located in Le Morne and because of the range of conditions, this spot is ideal for those of you who would like to learn how to ride the waves.


Well known in the late 60's among the hippy surfers mainly Australians for its ideal wave, Tamarin is a legendary surfing spot. At that time, it was such a beloved spot that the surfers tried not to flaunt it and keep it to themselves by giving it the name code of "Santosha" (or Satis-faction).  Because of the natural movement of sandbanks, Tamarin is no
longer an all year round spot but remains the favourite spot forlocal surfers.When the conditions areright, Tamarin Bay offers the mostclean right foots and left foots (Cap
Dal and Blackstone) with possibilities of pipeline riding. Even begin-ners can enjoy surfing the shore breaks of the bay. Tamarin Bay is a magical place, especially on so called Big Days
when the whole village is on a buzz and onlyhave one thing in mind: surf-ing. On those days, Tamarin is back to the Flower Power times that left several footprints in the village..


BainBoeuf and Cap Malheureux, located in the North of the island, are suitable for intermediate to experienced (kite)surfers. BainBoeuf is especially popular since it is the only spot on the island where it is possible to kitesurf all year round. However, like Le Morne, there are some rocks which present a hazard to surfers and in addition to this, the
reef and parts of the lagoon are very shallow. Cap Malheureux has anexcellent smooth sea surface, but unfortunately there are a lot of speedboats in the area and it is not
easily accessible from the public beaches. Also located in the North, Anse
La Raie offers year round surfing op-portunities for all surfers, from absolute beginners to experienced professionals. The flat, shallow water surface is great for those
wanting to learn or brush up on tricks and, as long as they are assisted, beginners will find this the perfect spot too. There are, however, rocks and trees on the shoreline so
kitesurfers need to stay aware and steer clear of the shore after launching. Once those dangers have been successfully avoided there is nothing to hinder the enjoyment of kite-surf-ing in this spectacular location!

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