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» 01 Oct 2010

Situated on the western coast of Mauritius, the town of Tamarin is considered one of our hidden jewels. Once considered an established fishing village, it is now a holiday destination, thanks in part to the fabulous surfing, fishing, and other water sports in the area. With beaches, forests, mountains and the expansive ocean, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Water Attributes of Tamarin
There is a coral reef break south of the beaches off Tamarin Bay, creating some great surfing possibilities along the southwest shore. Most of the year, surfing is accessible but the breakers are best from May through September. A few surf shops are available along the beach in case you need to purchase or rent any gear.

Part of the appeal of the town’s water features is the wild, undomesticated feel around Tamarin Bay, thanks to its shallow salt flats that surround the area. In fact, this untamed characteristic transfers over to some of the water sports available. You can choose to hire a deep sea charter for some fishing, particularly hard fighting trophy fish like blue marlins.

If fishing is not your cup of tea, you might consider joining a dolphin watching group on a charter boat tour. Dolphin and even its cousin, the porpoise, can often be seen frolicking in Tamarin Bay, their favoured natural habitat. Some charters offer swimming excursions with these delightful, inquisitive sea creatures. You definitely do not want to forget your camera!

Snorkelling in the clear aqua blue waters in the lagoon area of the bay is another fun activity to try in addition to kayaking and kite surfing. A number of prime diving spots are located around the Tamarin waters, too. There is a spectacular professional dive to the Cathedral, an underwater cavern where the light from the surface reflects in beautiful ways. Of course, during any dive, you will see a variety of underwater sea life such as clown fish, sting ray, barracuda and bubble coral. Diving around the Tug 2, a wreck partially buried in the sand, holds a wealth of encounters with snapper, sturgeon and lion fish.

The Draw of the Natural Landscape

Beyond the native evergreen trees and palms that line the beachfront lays a wild, natural landscape. There are the remnants of an ancient volcano as well as forests and mountains. The nearby Black River Georges National Park offers a wealth of outdoor adventures such as hiking, sweeping views of gorges and waterfalls and nature trails ripe for exploring.

If you are a nature lover but do not necessarily care for the physical bushwalking a national park would entail, consider a round of golf or two. The Tamarin golf course is situated on a picturesque backdrop of jagged, rough sea cliffs. The view of Tamarin Bay’s blue waters is breathtaking.

Whether you are an intrepid nature lover or just like the novelty of it, Casela Bird Park is a must-see on your Tamarin tour. This park has over 1,500 birds, including rare ones like the Mauritius windhover and pigeon. Of course, you won’t see Mauritius’ most famous DoDo bird because it has been extinct for several hundred years!

You can also see a variety of other animals such as kangaroos, zebras, monkeys and native deer. Feeding the giant turtles is a real treat. However, it is the preying cats that have become the star attractions of the Casela Bird Park. You can walk with the lions and cheetahs, getting up close and personal. Playtime with the cats and the wildlife safari experience are some great picture-taking opportunities.

A Great Home Base for your Mauritius Escape

Tamarin is a short drive or bus ride away from other Mauritius towns like Port Louis, Flic en Flac and Quatre Bornes, making it a great choice for your vacation home base. You can enjoy the town’s beaches, good weather and some great shopping and dining experiences.

Thanks to the protection of a mountain range, the area is the warmest part of Mauritius, so every day is a good day to visit and stay in town. Because of its rustic, untamed beauty, Tamarin offers less crowded beaches and water-related activities. You can relax on the beach soaking up the sun and many appreciate the opportunity to relax with a book without worrying about other visitors tripping over your claimed beach spot. With sights and activities that appeal to both nature lovers and city dwellers, Tamarin is a great place to explore on your Mauritius holiday.

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