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» 31 Jan 2012

Tamarind Falls also commonly known as the 7 cascades or Tamarin falls, can be found near the small village of Henrietta, in the South West of Mauritius. It originates from the Rivière Tamarin and has at least seven simultaneous waterfalls. The Tamarind Falls has a total height of 293 meter/961 feet and is therefore the highest waterfall in Mauritius. You can find a variety of exotic plants and birds in this calm and enchanted venue. Furthermore a part of the water is being used for generating hydro electric power and it has a reservoir. HOW TO GET THERE The Tamarind Falls are difficult to reach. You can either rent a car or go with the bus. The fastest way to go by car is first to get to Curepipe and then follow the signs for Henrietta. From Curepipe or Quatre Bornes you can take a bus to Henrietta. From there
you can walk to the Tamarind Falls. Coming from the Vacoas side you can already see the falls in its serene surroundings.


There are a lot of activities you can do at Tamarind Falls. You can choose to go hiking or spend a full or a half day to go canyoning. There are several companies which provide these activities with experienced guides. When you go hiking on your
own, you will find local guides at the bus stop in Henrietta. It’s recom-mended to get a guide who will help you during the hike in exchange for a small fee. Don’t go on your
own if you have never visited the Tamarind Falls before, there are not many clear trails to follow. At some points the hike may be quite challenging, but it will be worth the efforts. Bird watchers and nature lovers will enjoy the hike to these waterfalls, though it may be a bit stressful for youngsters or less fit older folks.
However, even those who don’t want to do a hike can still view the falls from a distance.


Don’t forget to bring enough food and water. You can enjoy your meal on one of the many plateaus with its beautiful view over the canyon. Also take some sunscreen and mosquito
repellent with you. Wear some com-fortable hiking shoes and in case you want to go for a swim, bring a towel and a set of extra clothes.


To get to the top of the waterfall, you have to walk down a steep path. The path goes right into the bush, but be careful that you don’t stumble over the rocks. When you arrive at the top of the waterfall you will be amazed by the superb view over the canyon. If you are afraid of heights then you shouldn’t look down. The distance between the first and the second plateau is about 40 meters. After another steep descent you
will arrive on the second plateau. Here you have to opportunity to jump off the waterfall. It’s a seven meter jump and it is the fastest way to go down to the next plateau. For the nonjumpers it only takes another steep path to go down to the third plateau. At the bottom of this water-fall you can take a refreshing swim in the cool, clear water. When you reached the fifth wa-terfall, there are two ways to go down. The first way to go down is to do a five meter jump into the water. The second one is to climb down a tree. The guide will help you  climb down the tree. That is one of the rea-sons why it’s important to have a guide. To cool down, you can also
take a relaxing swim in the lagoon type basin down at the bottom of the fifth waterfall. Arriving at the seventh waterfall you will witness a superb view over
the lushly green canyon. If you look back to the first waterfall, you will get
a better idea of how high these mag-nificent waterfalls really are. The dis-tance from the seventh waterfall to its basin is approximately 60 meters.
For those who aren’t afraid of heights and want to take a look down, it would be wise to lay on your stom-ach just near the edge of the water-fall. Laying so close to the edge of the waterfall, looking down 60 meter, is a real thrill! The Tamarind Falls are re-ally worth a visit!

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