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Mauritius Online Magazine
It might be autumn in the northern hemisphere, but here in Mauritius it’s spring! This makes it a perfect time to take a quiet stroll through Les Jardins de Vaneron (see page 26) to admire its many species of plants. Our Lifestyle section features Laina Rawat, the CEO of Quality Living Centre. You can read more about her rise to success and thoughts on life on page 12. The trials and tribulations of baby Ganesh, or “Why not to annoy a god carrying a big trident”, feature on page 19. No elephant hunting with Le Chasseur Mauricien on page 30, but the Javan Rusa deer provide an ample challenge for budding and seasoned hunters alike. Finally, Sid is back with more tasty cocktails and if you love chocolate, you’ll love these. IslandInfo – Sup it up. You know you want to.
This month, Issue 9, we bring you a touch of faith in the guise of the Catholic celebration of Assumption Day, a taste of brown sugar with L’Aventure du Sucre museum and some insights into the properties of red wine. Not forgetting beer lovers, we also have an article on Phoenix Beverages covering their rapid growth over the past 47 years and our Eating Out section has been updated to provide an even wider range of culinary delights for your delectation. If the Free Range Turkey Medallions with Buffalo Mozzarella in Berry Sauce – what a mouthful – doesn’t make your mouth water than nothing will! Speaking of recipes, Sid’s cocktail page is back with yet more bizarre drink names to impress your friends with, look out for the Angry Chameleon on page 61! IslandInfo, we have it, you want it.
Issue 8 of Islandinfo takes a look at various activities this month in Mauritius to bring you some hidden treasures. Swim with wild dolphins and experience the thrill of taking an intimate dip with these beautiful creatures. Alternatively stay on land and visit the oldest horse racing course in the world in the comfort of a VIP box. Alan Grihault, author and writer will almost certainly arouse your curiosity as he evokes possible hidden treasure sites in his intriguing article 'Did Pirates visit the Dodo graveyard?". Whatever you fancy, our monthly magazine, which is available for free, will have something for everyone. This month we introduce a new section looking at properties in Mauritius. We provide clear and concise information on IRS and RES projects. Whether you choose our online or hard copy of the magazine, you will have ample information on Mauritius.
Islandinfo is proud to show off issue 7 of the Mauritius monthly magazine. Our magazine has taken a step into the wild side. In Lifestlye you get to meet Julie & Greame Bristow. If you thought walking with Lions or encountering a Cheetah is a distant dream you would be wrong. A first in Mauritius, you have the exclusive opportunity to be with these amazing animals without any fences or cages. Islandinfo highly recommends this unique experience. Read what others are saying on their website at We also bring you the tea route. See how tea is grown, processed and packed. Online, we have added more information on what to do. More details, like websites, phone numbers fax numbers from all our listings have increased. We hope you enjoy Islandinfo as much as we enjoy making it.
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