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Mauritius Online Magazine
Dear Reader,
Rest, play and explore Mauritius with Islandinfo. Welcome to May, a cooler month as we set sail for winter. As I write this, Winter Is Coming! So let us seek our adventures beyond the wall.
Dear Reader,
April hails cooler weather as we edge closer to our Mauritian winter. But donít be too fooled by the graying skies. On most beaches the sun still reigns high. A dip in the sea, with looks that can deceive, Islandinfo will bring you up to speed!
The Hundred
Never has history met a group so fierce as The Hundred. Their thirst for reading was unquenchable and they were often seen setting up camps at night to read relentlessly and fearlessly. It is said that to celebrate their centenary they embarked on an adventure in Mauritius and that is how they came up with the concept of Islandinfo. Today is our 100th edition so we are remembering The Hundred..
From the moment that you held me in your hands in 2007, I knew you were the one. My love for you has never ceased to grow ever since and now that we are in 2016 & still growing strong, I want you to know that Islandinfo loves you like a Magazine likes Coffee Tables & like a Printing Machine likes Paper!
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