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18 Apr 2013

The new Sony Xperia Z crashes the 5-inch barrier with a beautiful, new full HD Reality Display.

It packs a full HD 1920 x 1080p screen resolution, giving you the same level of clarity and detail as watching high definition content on the flatscreen TV set in your living room.

This opens the door to a world of high definition movies and TV shows, viewable as the televisual gods intended, for the very first time.

The HD Reality Display now offers the greatest pixel density ever seen on a smartphone, with 443-pixels-per-inch, making images sharper and clearer than ever before.  It also has an incredible brightness rating of 500cd.

Furthermore, as the Xperia Z represents the best of Sony, the company has called upon the expertise of the Bravia TV team to create the ultimate HD viewing experience.

The new Mobile Bravia Engine 2.0 will automatically and intelligently optimise images so they’re sharper and brighter, depending on the content you’re viewing. It’ll also offer you the best in contrast and colour management.

Also, as the Xperia Z boasts a 1080p video camera, any video you record will also be viewable on your smartphone in full high definition resolution.

It is also equipped with one-touch mirroring, a relatively new open technology allowing handset owners to mirror their mobile screen on a compatible display, which could be a computer monitor or one of the new Sony Bravia HD TVs launched at CES 2013.

Beyond the tech inside the phone, the 5-inch display is coated by super-tough, Dragontail glass that’s virtually impervious to scratches and can withstand often-inevitable drops and spills. Thankfully, there’ll be no key or coin marks to impede your viewing pleasure on the new Sony Xperia Z superphone.

Additionally, if you wish to keep viewing on those longer journeys, the Xperia Z obliges, with a powerful 2330mAh battery and the new Battery STAMINA Mode, to keep the super-bright and vivid Reality Display going … even through epics like Ben Hur!



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