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Would you like to enter the world of Mauritian delicacies plunge? If you desire to do so, I can highly recommend you instead of eating in a restaurant every night to try also all the little typical Mauritian snacks and specialities which are sold at all the little street vendors you will find everywhere. They are very delicious and worth to try.

In the following article I will describe you some of the delicacies:

Roti: The Roti descends from the Indian cuisine and consists mainly of a flat cake like a crêpe filled with vegetarian lenses curry and chilli.

Samoosa: Samoosa are little pasties traditionally filled with spicy matched potatoes. Alternatively you can get them also filled with fish, chicken or cheese.

Gateau Piment: They are also known under the name chilli balls. Gateau Piments are little fried spicy peas-lenses balls.

Bulette: Bulette descends from the Chinese cuisine. They are steamed balls made out of meet, chicken, tofu or vegetables which are served in a clear stock improved with fresh chives.

Mine Frite: They are also known as fried noodles and they also descend from the Chinese cuisine. The noodles get fried in a wok with sesame oil, peanut oil, garlic, soja sauce, fish sauce, salt, pepper and sugar and finally the get improved with different vegetables, fish and eggs.

Bringele Frire: These are sliced fried eggplants rolled up in a mixture of besan gram flour, garlic, onion and ginger. They are also available as Piment Cari Frire which is chilli peppers rolled up in the same mixture.


Massepain: The Massepain is a typical Mauritian cake. It is very sweet and quite similar to the known plain cake.

Tarta Banane: Tarta Banane is tartlet tins consisting of a mixture of white flour, water, sugar, and butter and filled with ripe bananas.

Gateau Gingli Rier: They are also known under the name laughing cookies. They are small fried balls covered with sesame seeds. (Very delicious)

Ladou: These are also small cookies consisting of besan gram flour, grated coconut, almonds, butter and nutmeg and sugar. The mixture gets cooked and afterwards shaped into small balls.

Undé: Undé are small rice cookies refined with sugar, vanilla, cardamon and covered with grated coconut.

Gateau Patates: The mixture of this Gateaus or also called sweet potato pasties consists of sweet potatoes, flour, coconut, vanilla and sugar. Subsequently they get fried before they can be eaten.

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