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Mauritius Colleges

Lighthouse Primary School
Address: : Royal Road Fond du Sac   (N)
Tel:  266 2627    Fax:  266 2629
Website: www.lighthouseprimaryschool.org

Le Chou College
Address: Le Chou, Rodrigues
Tel: 8314479

Le Lycee Mauricien
Address: Royal Road, Phoenix
Tel: 6963591

London College
Address: 30 Seeneevassen Street, Port Louis
Tel: 2405587

Loreto Convent College
Address: Bernardin de Saint Pierre Avenue, Quatre Bornes
Tel: 4252449

Lycee de Beau Bassin, (Sir Haroon Hossenally)
Address: 22 Meldrum St, Beau Bassin
Tel: 4645129

Lycee des Mascareignes
Address: Royal Road, Helvetia, Saint Pierre
Tel: 4338992

Lycee Polytechnique Sir Guy Forget
Address: Ste Ursule Str., Central Flacq
Tel: 4132959

Madad-Ul-Islam Girls' College
Address: 70 Edgar Laurent Street, Port Louis
Tel: 2164517

Maharishi Dayanand Polytechnic
Address: Round-About Beau Plan S.E, Pamplemousses
Tel: 2430045

Marechal College
Address: Marechal, Rodrigues
Tel: 8317245

Mauricia Institute
Address: 18A Rue Leclezio, Curepipe
Tel: 6702413

Mauricia Institute Floréal
Address: 1, La Hausse Louvière Floréal
Tel: 2921324 / 2934569
Fax: 6970947
Email: maurins@orange.mu
Secondary School


Mayflower College
Address: Belvedere Road, Brisee Verdiere
Tel: 4186727

Merton College
Address: Royal Road, Pamplemousses
Tel: 2433610

Modern College
Address: Royal Road, Central Flacq
Tel: 4132580

Mont Lubin College, (Red Co. Ltd.)
Address: Mont Lubin, Rodrigues
Tel: 8325647

Muslim Girls College
Address: 5 Dauphine Street, Port Louis
Tel: 2080499

Boys Department
Address: Jerningham Street, Curepipe Road
Tel: 6752748    
Fax: 6752750
Email: jnroy@intnet.mu

Girls Department
Address: Royal Road, Curepipe Road
Tel: 6752749    
Fax: 6752750
Email: roheeneeroy@intnet.mu

Nelson College
Address: L'Agrement, Saint Pierre
Tel: 4334173

New Devton College
Addrress: Meldrum Street, Beau Bassin
Tel: 4541835

New Educational College
Address: Royal Road, Bel Air Riviere Seche
Tel: 4197250

New Eton College
Address: 14-16 Thomy Pitot Street, Rose Hill
Tel: 4542329

Notre Dame College
Address: Royal Road, Curepipe Road
Tel: 6751563

Pamplemousses High School
Address: Canton Belle Eau, Pamplemousses
Tel: 2435346

Patten College
Address: Leoville L'Homme Street, Rose Hill
Tel: 4642939

Patten College, (Girls Department)
Address: Leoville L'Homme Street, Rose Hill
Tel: 4542784

Presidency College
Address: Railway Road, Riviere des Anguilles
Tel: 6262555

Professor Basdeo Bissoondoyal College
Boys Department
Address: Eastern Lane, Central Flacq
Tel: 4137371

Girls Department
Address: Eastern Lane, Central Flacq
Tel: 4132549

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