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Police Station

Goodlands Police Station
Royal Road, Goodlands
Tel: 283 9520

Government House Police Station
Government Centre, Government House
Tel: 201 1055

Grand Bassin Police Station
Royal Road, Grand Bassin
Tel: 627 4472

Grand Bay Police Station

Royal Road, Grand Bay
Tel: 263 8558

Grand Bois Police Station
Royal Road, Grand Bois
Tel: 617 4848

Grand Port Police Station
Royal Road, Grand Port
Tel: 634 5199

Hospital A.G. Jeetoo Police Station
V. Pougnet St, Hospital A.G. Jeetoo
Tel: 212 2071

Hospital Jawaharlall Nehru Police Station
Royal Road, Hospital Jawaharlall Nehru
Tel: 627 4960

Hospital SSRN Police Station
Royal Road, Hospital SSRN
Tel: 243 3515

Hospital Victoria Police Station
Victoria, Hospital Victoria
Tel: 425 3031

La Tour Koenig Police Station
La Tour Koenig, La Tour Koenig
Tel: 535 0104

Lallmatie Police Station
Royal Road, Lallmatie
Tel: 418 0312

Le Reduit State House Police Station
State House, Le Reduit State House
Tel: 454 3021

Line Barracks Police Station
Line Barracks, Line Barracks
Tel: 208 1212

Long Mountain Police Station
Royal Road, Long Mountain
Tel: 245 5722

L’Escalier Police Station
Royal Road, L’Escalier
Tel: 636 7536

Mahebourg Police Station
Royal Road, Mahebourg
Tel: 631 5026

Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation Police Station
Royal Road, Mauritius Broadcasting Corporation
Tel: 676 2152

Midlands Police Station
Royal Road, Midlands
Tel: 664 4163

Moka Police Station
Royal Road, Moka
Tel: 433 6512

Montagne Blanche Police Station
Royal Road, Montagne Blanche
Tel: 437 5537

Nouvelle France Police Station

Royal Road, Nouvelle France
Tel: 677 8533
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