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Police Station

Pailles Police Station
Pailles Road, Pailles
Tel: 286 8418

Pamplemousses Police Station
Royal Road, Pamplemousses
Tel: 243 3545

Petite Riviere Police Station
Royal Road, Petite Riviere
Tel: 233 0112

Phoenix Police Station
Royal Road, Phoenix
Tel: 698 0412

Plaine des Papayes Police Station
Royal Road, Plaine des Papayes
Tel: 266 6030

Plaine Magnien Police Station
Royal Road, Plaine Magnien
Tel: 637 3536

Plaine Verte Police Station
Magon St, Plaine Verte
Tel: 240 0737

Pointe aux Cannonniers Police Station
Royal Road, Pointe aux Cannonniers
Tel: 263 4126

Pointe aux Sables Police Station
Royal Road, Pointe aux Sables
Tel: 234 4517

Port Louis (Pope Hennessy) Police Station
Pope Hennessy St, Port Louis
Tel: 211 8920

Poudre D’Or Police Station
Royal Road, Poudre D’Or
Tel: 283 0712

Quartier Militaire Police Station
Royal Road, Quartier Militaire
Tel: 435 5556

Quatre Bornes Police Station
Morc Sodnac, Quatre Bornes
Tel: 425 3112

Riviere des Anguilles Police Station
Royal Road, Riviere des Anguilles
Tel: 626 1514

Riviere du Rempart Police Station
Royal Road, Riviere du Rempart
Tel: 412 7604

Riviere Seche Police Station
Royal Road, Riviere Seche
Tel: 419 2336

Rose Belle Police Station
Royal Road, Rose Belle
Tel: 627 4611

Rose Hill (Stanley) Police Station
Sir Celicourt Antelme St, Rose Hill
Tel: 464 3010

Rose Hill Police Station
Moka Road, Rose Hill
Tel: 454 2022

Saint Pierre Police Station
Royal Road, Saint Pierre
Tel: 433 4211

Souillac Police Station
Royal Road, Souillac
Tel: 625 5546

SSR Botanical Garden Police Station
Botanical Garden Rd, SSR Botanical Garden
Tel: 243 5535

Terre Rouge Police Station
Terre Rouge, Terre Rouge
Tel: 248 9263

Tombeau Bay Police Station
Royal Road, Tombeau Bay
Tel: 247 1910

Triolet Police Station

Royal Road, Triolet
Tel: 261 8701

Trou aux Biches Police Station
Royal Road, Trou aux Biches
Tel: 265 5112

Trou D’Eau Douce Police Station
Royal Road, Trou D’Eau Douce
Tel: 419 2439

Vacoas (River Walk) Police Station

River Walk, Vacoas
Tel: 698 0691

Vacoas Police Station
Sivananda St, Vacoas
Tel: 696 4058

Vallee Pitot Police Station
19, Blvd Victoria, Vallee Pitot
Tel: 242 3488

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